All creative works and projects under A Mango Tree are classified as branches off the tree and grouped together based on their concept.


A Mango Tree's foremost branch is currently a network of websites. Those sites that stem from this network are all owned and operated by Anthony Mango, who also serves as the primary content writer, editor, media manager and overseer of the rest of the staff.

The first website that started this network was Out on Limbs, which details my thoughts on whatever random topics I feel like thinking about and is built around a centralized theme of brutally honest opinions and social commentary on the world.

Smark Out Moment was the second website, which is devoted to the world of professional wrestling with a focus on WWE in particular.

These were followed by Fanboys Anonymous, a central hub for everything in geek culture where fans of virtually all nerdy subject matters can get together and share their opinions, such as movies, video games, comic books and more.


While not quite the superstructure of A Mango Tree at the moment, the Writing branch consists of everything ranging from film scripts, poetry, graphic novels, comic books, television shows, short stories, weekly comic strips, etc.

Dozens upon dozens of these projects are in various different production stages and seeking interested parties to work on these and get them out in the world.


Anthony Mango can be hired as a creative consultant or project coordinator for almost all possible avenues, as he is always looking for new things to do in and out of his comfort zone. Virtually any type of creative project is up for grabs and something that Anthony wants to try his hand at.